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Welcome to FurahaTrading Company
  • Who are we: We are a leading importer into North America
  • What do we import: Only the Finest African Coffee, Tea and Macadamia Products leave Our Loading Docks.
Furaha Trading Company supplies tea, coffee and macadamia in bulk for thousands of large North American retail and specialty stores. And we happily pack and supply for private labels too!

We're here to make it happen for you, wherever you are! We look forward to providing you with the finest coffee, tea and macadamia nuts you've ever tasted. Guaranteed!

Dear Friend:
Thank you for visiting us on-line today! Whether you're a buyer for restaurants, hotel chains, retail outlets (discount chains or high end), or tea and/or coffee outlet chains, welcome! We promise to offer you only our best and to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice about our products and services.

Africa, an engaging continent, is equally a continent of stark contrasts, more than a few of them desperately challenging. In the three African countries in which we carry out our business - Kenya, Uganda and Malawi - the lives of many hundreds of thousands of citizens often hang in the balance. Most workers in these countries are agricultural, and a great many of them work on tea, coffee and macadamia plantations. Whenever you purchase any of our products, you offer very real help and hope to hard-working people who survive as a direct result of what we, as reliable importers of their products, can provide them by way of wage-paying work and clean drinking water.

So your purchase today means far more than "just another" purchase to us. We live and work in Africa and are witnesses to the great needs of the communities and villages which surround us. Please know that your purchase today carries an even-greater purpose. Countless men and women and their children - including our own -- thank you, profoundly and profusely.

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FurahaTC ships quality tea, coffee and macadamia nuts from the following countries:
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