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FurahaTrading Company in Kenya

Profile: Kenya - A Nation of Contrasts

When most foreigners think of Kenya, the positive pictures that come to mind are of wildlife preserves and world-renowned natural sites, including the much-photographed Great Rift Valley, Maasai Mara and other breath-taking areas. The seasoned world traveler takes home warm, lasting memories of Kenya, because we are a friendly bunch. Many Kenyans are engaged in making sure you enjoy everything that our nation has to offer.

KenyaKenya's climate is tropical, hot and humid along the coast, temperate inland and very dry to the north and northeast. Abundant rainfall from March to May, combined with very warm temperatures all year long, makes Kenya's soils an ideal matrix for growing unique varieties of coffee and tea, many having special properties renowned the world over.

For those of us who live here, there is much more to Kenya than African wildlife and great expanses of natural beauty. The work of Kenyan hands and the sweat of Kenyan brows are occupied daily in the race to provide adequate sustenance for their families (and tea and coffee for yours!) during the months when the growing and harvesting of agricultural crops is underway. In a nation like ours, there is seldom much "down time" for recreation, yet the average yearly income is just $1,200 per worker (in United States dollars). The international exportation of coffee and tea is, in many ways, our lifeblood. Without it, many more Kenyans would be experiencing the "down side" of living in a beleaguered developing nation - hunger, malnutrition and disease.

So we certainly don't want to miss our opportunity to thank you for buying tea and coffee from Kenya. We know you have many other options. With each purchase and each sip, please accept our heartfelt thanks for providing us with a market, and a way forward for ourselves and our families. Without you, life would be much, much harder!

Asante sana! (Thank you very much!)

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