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FurahaTrading Company in Malawi

Profile: Malawi - A Nation in Desperate Need

Malawi, a landlocked, sub-tropical country in southern Africa, is slightly smaller than the state of Pennsylvania. And a massive Lake Malawi covers 20 percent of the country!

malawiIn this small multi-party democracy peopled by Christians (79.9%) and Muslims (12.8%), 13 million people struggle to make a living - and to remain healthy and positive in spite of an enormous HIV/AIDS epidemic. The scourge has created an entire generation of orphans, and has severely handicapped the nation's own efforts to lift the people out of poverty. As a tragic result, life expectancy in Malawi has dropped from 55 to just 37 years.

65 percent of Malawi's population is poor and 29 percent of its citizens live in extreme poverty. Among the world's least developed countries, Malawi's average annual per capita income is a paltry $600 (U.S. dollars).

90 percent of Malawi's workforce labors in agricultural endeavors. This is where you and I come into the picture. By purchasing macadamia nuts grown in Malawi, you are helping to sustain tens of thousands of hard-working Malawi citizens. So as you raise each tasty morsel to your lips, please say a prayer for Malawi's people. Without the benefit of your purchase today, their desperate situation would be even more horrific. Thank you!

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