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FurahaTrading Company in Uganda

Profile: Uganda - The "Pearl of Africa" in Peril

Winston Churchill called Uganda "the pearl of Africa." Located in east Africa, landlocked Uganda boasts savanna plateaus festooned with mountains and lakes. The country is home to much-touted Lake Victoria and - higher up in elevation - to a population of endangered mountain gorillas.

ugandaIn 1962, then-prosperous Uganda achieved independence. Unfortunately, not long after independence, the country was brutalized during the despotic regimes of Milton Obote and the now-infamous Idi Amin. During their regimes, it is estimated that 800,000 Ugandans were brutally murdered. In 1986 a National Resistance Army leader, Yoweri Museveni, came to power, restoring stability to the trembling, terrorized nation. As a result of his success in establishing a renewed sense of normalcy to Uganda, Museveni was eventually elected president (in May 1996) in Uganda's first popular election for president since independence. He was reelected in 2001.

In 2003 thousands of Congolese refugees crossed into Uganda from the north, seeking asylum from the civil war raging in the Congo. An insurgent militia, the Lord's Resistance Army, continues to terrorize northern Uganda-abducting 20,000 children over the years and forcing them to become soldiers. Fertile soil keeps farms and coffee plantations flourishing, but AIDS-now epidemic in some areas- may be Uganda's greatest present enemy.

Millions of Ugandans make their living in agricultural fields, planting, tending and harvesting coffee and tea. Your purchase today ensures a brighter tomorrow for them and their beleaguered families. Thank you!

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